About Us

A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels is a legitimately-run tour company in Bhutan that functions in line with all prevailing norms of the Royal Government of Bhutan.

We believe you have set out in all earnest believing that Bhutan will offer you everything you have expected out of it as a destination now publicized as one of the hotspot travel destinations. It is not only because A Way To Bhutan rests its strategies on a solely business only mandate that it functions. The company truly believes that this country that preserved itself under a spell of long standing isolation all the while grooming a culture most different from any, a lifestyle that is an example to people of the world outside and inside Bhutan.

Having started mainstream tourism only toward the mid 1970s, the industry has been successful in bringing in many interested visitors to this small landlocked Himalayan Nation. Together with the government’s policy of promoting ‘quality tourism,’ A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels as a tour company has kept its side of the responsibility in maintaining a respectable, reputable and above all a consistent image of Bhutan as a total package of a standard cultural, environmental and an adventurous destination.

Bhutan is so to say, ‘effortless’ in being a destination for tourists in terms of and all aspects of cultural initiation, diverse and unique traditions etc. And as a strong Buddhist country, you will be fascinated to witness history, art and architecture, and daily life events that are all beautifully conceptualized in a globalized and enigmatic package that has acquired all sorts of pleasant moniker like ‘The Last Shangri-La,’ and powerful taglines like ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth.’

Your Home Away In The Himalayas

A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels strictly makes way for only the highest quality hotels and standard guesthouses for its guests. Only after the approval stamp of respective agencies are in place, hotels and guest houses function as places to stay for visitors. A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels goes one step further to ensure the elements of comfort, service, environment, cuisine, basic and luxury facilities, conditions of cleanliness and management, and only then usher our guests into the facilities.

Food for the belly as well as for the senses

A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels ensures that everything served from sophisticated beverage to a glass of water meets every standard of hygiene and class. You will mostly be served in hotels and restaurants that are reputed for their quality services.

Anywhere, Anytime, On Time

Getting there is guaranteed, but A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels ensures that you get there safely, comfortably and in perfect tune with your class acts. A range of luxurious, comfortable, and suitable vehicles are part of the company’s fleet of vehicles that will reach you, pick you up from the various sites that you visit. You will also be most glad to hear that people who operate the wheels, the drivers are all individually hand picked taking into account their capabilities, familiarity of roads and experience in the field. The drivers with us currently all have more than 10 years experience driving on the roads and changing terrains of this country.

Best of the Best in Tour Guides as Your Guide

Only those Guides who are accredited by the Tourism Council of Bhutan are employed in the company and they will ensure a most comfortable trip on all trips for you. These guides are all well aware of culture, intricacies of different sites and therefore you can all enquiries satisfactorily answered and attend to.

Your Tour, Your Trip, Your Rules

Having to restrict yourself in the bounds of a set itinerary is not the ground rule. Therefore, A Way TO Bhutan has left leeway for you to participate in activities that are not in the itinerary. These activities can be anything from you wishing to participate in a religious ritual, wishing to cook a local delicacy like ema datshi (popular cuisine of Bhutan), or participating in a prayer ceremony with a monastic community etc.

You can also be part of a local tournament of archery, Khuru or dogor should you suddenly develop an urge to take on these local sports not just as an observer but as a player.

A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels guest

A Company with A Conscience… And Civic Sense

A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels is well aware that environment is the natural wealth of Bhutan and in the first sense of the word the main reason for the country being a sought-after destination. Therefore we do our bit by avoiding litter, trashing campsites, destroying trees at locations for camping purposes and lastly we are very careful about not risking forest fires, so we ensure that camp fires are extinguished properly.

A Bonafide Agent

A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travels registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan, Royal Government of Bhutan and the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators. We meet all standards set by the country’s tourism regulatory authority.